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I want to help you use Homeopathy effectively, stay well and flourish.

I’ll share my over 20 years of expertise with you, so you can keep your family happy and healthy. Common side effects include: saving a small fortune in prescription charges, reducing your co-pays and your risk of toxic side effects. Not to mention feeling more vibrant and alive than you ever thought possible!

I can make this promise to you, because I have walked the walk and I’m happy to be your guide.

Homeopathy helped relieve my morning sickness and supported me during and after the birth of our first child. It was astonishing how safely and effectively it worked. I was left wondering, why isn’t everyone using homeopathic remedies? At that time, the truth about Homeopathy wasn’t widely known and most people just hadn’t experienced its gentle power first hand. That’s what inspired me to design my own user-friendly Homeopathy kits.

Our family was raised homeopathically. So we know a Pharma free life can be an everyday reality.

I love hearing from people who are making their first steps towards a more homeopathic life, so never be afraid to ask for help. Just e-mail me with your questions. I really want to make it easy for you to succeed and enjoy all the benefits that choosing Homeopathy brings.

Wishing you, your family and your friends well,







Mary Aspinwall, RSHom (NA), PCH,
Homeopath, Kit Designer & Founder of: