Arnica 200C 4G Dispenser

  • Arnica 200C 4G Dispenser.
  • The remedy is made from the Arnica Montana plant using the whole plant including the root.
  • No. 1 Remedy for accidents / shock / physical exhaustion.
  • Should be a first choice after most accidents, injuries or physical ordeals. Given early it will reduce swelling and bruising. Patient has a fear of being touched. because of the pain and may want to be left alone. May claim to be alright when they clearly are not. Classic response of someone in shock. Upper body is hot. whilst lower is cold . Memory may also be poor. Better: lying down. with head low. Worse: jarring: lying on injured part. 200C version handy for more serious injuries.

  • Contents: 100 sucrose pills (approx) in a dispenser which delivers one pill at a time. Suitable for all ages.
    Dose: One pillule to be sucked only when required. Stop with improvement.
    Pillules may be dissolved in boiled cooled water or crushed before being taken.
    Do not take within 15 minutes of eating or drinking

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    Type: Dispensers

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